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“I am passionate about connecting and expressing the uniqueness of animals."


Haruko is an artist whose sensitivity and photographic skills communicate the energy, personality and essence of her subjects; her portraits convey intelligence and a natural elegance. Haruko is an internationally published, award-winning photographer. 

Haruko Foto is the premier pet photography studio in New York City. In addition to her photography, Haruko established CAPSULE STUDIO in 1999, a photo studio and event space in Union Square. Dogs, cats and other small animals are photographed at Capsule Studio. Haruko goes on location to horse stables and events, including Wellington Florida, to document equine culture, her favorite obsession. 

A pet owner herself, Haruko is kept in humorous check by a couple of Cornish Rex cats:  Kuma and Marquis des Baguettes. They sit, jump, lay down and high five when asked politely. Haruko has also been known to train rabbits.  

Originally from Japan, Haruko started her career in 1985 as a photojournalist in San Francisco, CA. Ten years later she moved to New York City and specialized in corporate photography.  Her architectural photographs of New York and portraits of CEO's hang in over 60 Fortune 500 companies such as Morgan Stanley.

In addition to running a photography and studio business, Haruko is an avid equestrian, practices Qi Gong and travels frequently. Haruko is pursuing certification in the Masterson Method Advanced Equine Bodywork.

Haruko Foto supports many animal rights and rescue organizations.





"The animal is sublime and, in fact, represents the "divine" side of the human psyche. Animals live much more in contact with a "secret" order in nature itself and—far more than human beings—live in close contact with "absolute knowledge" of the unconscious. In contrast to humankind, the animal is the living being that follows its own inner laws beyond good and evil—and is, in this sense, superior."       
-C.G. Jung as told by Barbara Hannah

"Animals make us Human."      -Dr. Temple Grandin